indicate verb definition in Experiments and research topic from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


 verb: Experiments and research topic
1 [transitive, intransitive] to show that something is true or exists indicate something Record profits in the retail market indicate a boom in the economy. A yellowing of the skin indicates jaundice. The article claims that an increase in crime indicates a decline in moral standards. indicate (that…) Research indicates that eating habits are changing fast. Kingston-upon-Thames, as the name indicates, is situated on the banks of the Thames. indicate how, what etc… Our results indicate how misleading it could be to rely on this method. 2 [transitive] to be a sign of something; to show that something is possible or likely indicate something A red sky at night often indicates fine weather the next day. indicate that… Early results indicate that the government will be returned to power. 3 [transitive] indicate something | indicate how much, how many, etc… (of an instrument for measuring things) to show a particular measurement When the temperature gauge indicates 90°F or more, turn off the engine.

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