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 verb: Experiments and research topic
[transitive] to use facts, evidence, etc. to show that something is true prove something They hope this new evidence will prove her innocence. ‘I know you're lying.’ ‘Prove it!’ He felt he needed to prove his point (= show other people that he was right). Are you just doing this to prove a point? What are you trying to prove? I certainly don't have anything to prove—my record speaks for itself. prove something to somebody Just give me a chance and I'll prove it to you. prove (that)… This proves (that) I was right. prove somebody/something/yourself + adj./noun She was determined to prove everyone wrong. In this country, you are innocent until proved guilty. prove somebody/something/yourself to be/have something You've just proved yourself to be a liar. prove what, how, etc… This just proves what I have been saying for some time. it is proved that… Can it be proved that he did commit these offences?

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