fear noun definition in Fear topic from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


 noun: Fear topic
[uncountable, countable] the bad feeling that you have when you are in danger, when something bad might happen, or when a particular thing frightens you Her eyes showed no fear. The child was shaking with fear. fear (of somebody/something) (a) fear of the dark/spiders/flying, etc. We lived in constant fear of losing our jobs. fear (for somebody/something) her fears for her son’s safety Alan spoke of his fears for the future. fear (that…) the fear that he had cancer The doctor's report confirmed our worst fears. to avoid the danger of something happening We spoke quietly for fear of waking the guards. I had to run away for fear (that) he might one day kill me. feeling frightened that you might be killed(British English, informal) used to say that you definitely do not want to do something ‘Are you coming climbing?’ ‘No fear!’ to make somebody very frightened, especially in order to make them do something(formal) in a fair way They undertook to make their judgement without fear or favour.