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 noun: People in sea travel topic
1 (also the coastguard) [singular] an official organization (in the US a branch of the armed forces) whose job is to watch the sea near a coast in order to help ships and people in trouble, and to stop people from breaking the law The coastguard was alerted. They radioed Dover Coastguard. a coastguard station2 [countable] (especially British English) (usually US English coastguardsman BrE /ˈkəʊstɡɑːdzmən/ ; NAmE /ˈkoʊstɡɑːrdzmən/ (pl. coastguardsmen BrE /ˈkəʊstɡɑːdzmən/ ; NAmE /ˈkoʊstɡɑːrdzmən/ )) a member of this organization