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 verb: Plane travel topic
1 [intransitive] (+ adv./prep.) (of an aircraft or a spacecraft) to move through air or space They were on a plane flying from London to New York. to fly at the speed of sound Lufthansa fly to La Paz from Frankfurt. 2 [intransitive] to travel in an aircraft or a spacecraft Is this the first time that you've flown? fly (from…) (to…) I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow. + noun I always fly business class. We're flying KLM. 3 [transitive, intransitive] fly (something) to control an aircraft, etc. in the air a pilot trained to fly large passenger planes children flying kites He's learning to fly. 4 [transitive] + adv./prep. to transport goods or passengers in a plane The stranded tourists were finally flown home. He had flowers specially flown in for the ceremony. 5 [transitive] fly something to travel over an ocean or area of land in an aircraft to fly the Atlantic