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Mardi Gras

the day before the beginning of Lent…

What’s new?

Welcome to Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries with a fresh new look.

We've added a section on grammar and usage, where you can find our new grammar blog and more.

We're also pleased to announce that Practical English Usage is now available as a premium option.

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What’s here?

Oxford Learner's Dictionaries is home to these grammar and reference materials:

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Word of the Month

Each month we choose an interesting word or phrase as Word of the Month on our Spread the Word blog.

This month we're looking at abbreviations (old and new) and their origins (false and true) with FLOTUS.

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The man who made dictionaries

Did you know that the creator of Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary went on to have a successful radio career?

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Teaching Resources

See OUP’s English Language Teaching blog for updates from the world of ELT, and visit our ELT website for news on upcoming events and information about joining Oxford Teacher’s Club.

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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

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Word of the Day

Mardi Gras

the day before the beginning of Lent…