Language study terms

Knowing these words will be useful in your study of English, and will also help you to use Oxford Learner's Dictionaries more effectively. Select a word or phrase from the list to see its definition in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

abbreviation noun

active adjective, noun

adjective noun

adverb noun

antonym noun

apostrophe noun

article noun

auxiliary noun

auxiliary verb noun

bracket (BrE) noun

clause noun

colon noun

comma noun

comparative adjective, noun

compound noun, adjective

conditional adjective, noun

conjunction noun

consonant noun

continuous adjective

contraction noun

countable adjective

count noun noun

derivative noun

determiner noun

dialect noun

entry noun

exclamation noun

exclamation mark (BrE) noun

exclamation point (NAmE) noun

figurative adjective

full stop (BrE) noun

full point (BrE) noun

gerund noun

hyphen noun

idiom noun

imperative adjective, noun

indirect speech noun

infinitive noun

interjection noun

intransitive adjective

inverted commas (BrE) noun

ironic adjective

irregular adjective

literal adjective

literary adjective

mass noun noun

modal noun

non-count (NAmE) adjective

opposite noun

ordinal noun

paragraph noun

parenthesis noun

part of speech noun

participle noun

particle noun

passive adjective, noun

perfect adjective, noun

period (NAmE) noun

phrasal verb noun

plural noun, adjective

possessive adjective

prefix noun

preposition noun

progressive adjective

pronoun noun

punctuation noun

question mark noun

question tag noun

quotation marks noun

quotes noun

reflexive adjective

register noun

regular adjective

relative adjective

reported speech noun

saying noun

semicolon noun

simple adjective

singular noun, adjective

slang noun

slash noun

speech marks noun

subject noun

suffix noun

superlative adjective, noun

syllable noun

synonym noun

taboo adjective

tag question noun

tense noun

transitive adjective

uncountable adjective

verb noun

vowel noun

word class noun