Definition of accept verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary





1 [intransitive, transitive] to willingly take something that is offered; to say “yes” to an offer, invitation, etc.He asked me to marry him and I accepted. accept somethingPlease accept our sincere apologies.It was pouring rain so I accepted his offer of a ride.She decided not to accept the job.Please accept this small token of my appreciation. accept something from someoneHe was charged with accepting bribes from his suppliers. accept something for somethingShe said she'd accept $15 for it. antonym refuse1

receive as suitable

2 [transitive] to receive something as suitable or good enough accept somethingThis machine only accepts coins.Will you accept a check? accept something for somethingMy article has been accepted for publication.


3 [transitive] to agree to or approve of something accept somethingThey accepted the court's decision.He accepted all the changes we proposed.Everything about the child's adoption was against accepted practice. accept something from someoneShe won't accept advice from anyone. antonym reject


4 [transitive] accept something to admit that you are responsible or to blame for somethingHe accepts full responsibility for what happened.You have to accept the consequences of your actions.


5 [transitive] to believe that something is true accept somethingI don't accept his version of events. accept something as somethingCan we accept his account as the true version? accept that…I accept that this will not be popular.I am not prepared to accept that this decision is final.It is generally accepted that people are motivated by success. be accepted to be/have somethingThe Northeast is generally accepted to have some of the best colleges in the country.

difficult situation

6 [transitive] to continue in a difficult situation without complaining, because you realize that you cannot change it accept somethingYou just have to accept the fact that we're never going to be rich.Nothing will change as long as the workers continue to accept these terrible conditions. accept something as somethingThey accept the risks as part of the job. accept that…He just refused to accept that his father was no longer there.


7 [transitive] to make someone feel welcome and part of a group accept someoneIt may take years to be completely accepted by the local community. accept someone into somethingShe had never been accepted into what was essentially a man's world. accept someone as somethingHe never really accepted her as his own child. antonym reject

allow someone to join

8 [transitive] to allow someone to join an organization, attend an institution, use a service, etc. accept someoneThe college he applied to has accepted him. accept someone into somethingShe was disappointed not to be accepted into the club. accept someone as somethingThe landlord was willing to accept us as tenants. accept someone to do somethingShe was accepted to study music. antonym reject
Usage noteUsage note: agreeaccept approve go along with someone/something consentThese words all mean to say that you will do what someone wants or that you will allow something to happen.agree to say that you will do what someone wants or that you will allow something to happen: He agreed to let me go early.accept to be satisfied with something that has been done, decided, or suggested: They accepted the court's decision.approve to officially agree to a plan, suggestion, or request: The committee unanimously approved the plan.go along with someone/something to agree to something that someone else has decided; to agree with someone else's ideas: He just goes along with everything she suggests.consent (formal) to agree to something or give your permission for something: She finally consented to be interviewed.patternsto agree/consent to somethingto agree/consent to do somethingto agree to/accept/approve/go along with/consent to a plan/proposalto agree to/accept/approve a request