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    according to

    NAmE//əˈkɔrdɪŋ tə//
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  1. 1as stated or reported by someone or something According to Mick, it's a great movie. You've been absent six times, according to our records. Language Bankillustratereferring to a chart, graph, or table This bar chart illustrates how many journeys people made on public transportation over a three-month period. This table compares bus, train, and taxi use between April and June. The results are shown in the chart below. In this pie chart, the survey results are broken down by age. This pie chart breaks down the survey results by age. As can be seen from these results, younger people use buses more than older people. According to these figures, bus travel accounts for 60% of public transportation use. From the data in the above graph, it is apparent that buses are the most widely used form of public transportation.
  2. 2following, agreeing with, or depending on something The work was done according to her instructions. Everything went according to plan. The salary will be set according to qualifications and experience.
  3. Language Bankaccording toreporting someone's opinionPhotography is, according to Vidal, the art form of untalented people.For Vidal, photography is the art form of untalented people.His view is that photography is not art but merely the mechanical reproduction of images.Smith takes the view that photography is both an art and a science.In Brown's view, photography should be treated as a legitimate art in its own right.James is of the opinion that a good painter can always be a good photographer if he or she so decides.Emerson believed that a photograph should reflect only what the human eye can see.
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