Definition of accurate adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

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1 correct and true in every detailan accurate description/account/calculationaccurate information/dataAccurate records must be kept.The police are trying to obtain a more accurate picture of crime levels.2 able to give completely correct information or to do something in an exact waya highly accurate electronic compassaccurate to within 3 mmMy watch is not very accurate.Scientists have found a more accurate way of dating cave paintings.3 an accurate throw, shot, weapon, etc. hits or reaches the thing that it was aimed at antonym inaccurate accurately adverbThe article accurately reflects public opinion.You need to hit the ball accurately.
Usage noteUsage note: accurateaccurate adjectiveassessment|diagnosis|estimate, measurement|prediction|description|reflection, representation|information|record|result|methodFirms must acquire accurate information from clients about their needs.factually|historically|scientifically|statistically|technicallyAlthough this book is historically accurate, it is not a history book.not entirely|not strictlyThe figures he gave were not strictly accurate.proveThese predictions proved accurate.toResults are accurate to within 0.2 seconds.inaccurate adjectiveperception|estimate|representation|information|result|statementInaccurate estimates can lead to overproduction.grosslyErrors in methodology can produce grossly inaccurate results.factually|historically|scientifically|technicallyHe is technically inaccurate in several of his claims.proveThese predictions may yet prove inaccurate.accuracy nounabsolute, pinpoint|unerringThe needle has to be positioned with pinpoint accuracy.factual|historical|scientific|technicalGet the manuscript checked for factual accuracy.confirm|ensure|check|test|verifyGreat care is taken to ensure the accuracy of research data.accurately adverbassess|describe|diagnose|estimate, gauge, measure|predict|portray|reflect|reproduceYour title must accurately reflect the substance of your paper.