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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they address
    he / she / it addresses
    past simple addressed
    -ing form addressing
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  1. 1[usually passive] to write on an envelope, etc. the name and address of the person, company, etc. that you are sending it to by mail address something The letter was correctly addressed, but delivered to the wrong house. address something to somebody/something Address your application to the Personnel Manager. compare readdress, SASE
  2. 2to make a formal speech to a group of people to address a meeting The president has been asked to address the assembly.
  3. 3(formal) to say something directly to someone address somebody I was surprised when he addressed me in English. address something to somebody Any questions should be addressed to your teacher. The book is addressed to the general reader.
  4. 4address somebody (as something) to use a particular name or title for someone when you speak or write to them There are different ways in which to address a member of the clergy. The judge should be addressed as “Your Honor.” Many women prefer to be addressed as “Ms.” rather than “Miss” or “Mrs.”
  5. 5(formal) to think about a problem or a situation and decide how you are going to deal with it address something Your essay does not address the real issues. address yourself to something We must address ourselves to the problem of traffic congestion.
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