Definition of adjust verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Oxford3000 Academic


1 [transitive] to change something slightly to make it more suitable for a new set of conditions or to make it work better adjust somethingWatch out for sharp turns and adjust your speed accordingly.This button is for adjusting the volume.The brakes need to be adjusted. adjust something to somethingAdjust your language to the age of your audience.2 [intransitive, transitive] to get used to a new situation by changing the way you behave and/or think synonym adaptThey'll be fine—they just need time to adjust. adjust to somethingAfter a while, his eyes adjusted to the dark. adjust to doing somethingIt took her a while to adjust to living alone.It can be difficult to adjust to being a parent. adjust yourself to somethingI had to adjust myself to the idea that he wasn't coming back.My eyes were still trying to adjust themselves to the strong sunlight.3 [transitive] adjust something to move something slightly so that it looks neater or feels more comfortableHe smoothed his hair and adjusted his tie. see also well-adjusted