Definition of advise verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



1 [intransitive, transitive] to tell someone what you think they should do in a particular situation advise (someone) against something/against doing somethingI would strongly advise against going out on your own. advise someoneHer mother was away and couldn't advise her. advise somethingI'd advise extreme caution. + speech“Get there early,” she advised (them). advise someone to do somethingPolice are advising people to stay at home.She advised me not to tell him. advise that…The airline advises that you carry your passport at all times. it is advised that…It is strongly advised that you take out insurance. advise doing somethingI'd advise buying your tickets well in advance if you want to travel in August. see also ill-advised, well-advised2 [intransitive, transitive] to give someone help and information on a subject that you know a lot about advise (someone) on/about something/about doing somethingWe employ an expert to advise on new technology.She advises the government on environmental issues. advise (someone) what, which, whether, etc.…The pharmacist will advise which medicines are safe to take.Your lawyer can advise you whether to take any action.3 [transitive] (formal) to officially tell someone something synonym inform advise someone of somethingPlease advise us of any change of address. advise someone when, where, how, etc.…I will contact you later to advise you when to come. advise someone that…I regret to advise you that the course is now full.
Usage noteUsage note: recommendadvise advocate urgeThese words all mean to tell someone what you think they should do in a particular situation.recommend to tell someone what you think they should do in a particular situation; to say what you think the price or level of something should be: We recommend that you buy your tickets early. a recommended price of $50advise to tell someone what you think they should do in a particular situation: She advised me not to tell him.recommend or advise?Advise is a stronger word than recommend and is often used when the person giving the advice is in a position of authority: Police are advising fans without tickets to stay away. Police are recommending fans without tickets to stay away. I advise you… can suggest that you know better than the person you are advising: this may cause offense if they are your equal or senior to you. I recommend… mainly suggests that you are trying to be helpful and is less likely to cause offense.Recommend is often used with more positive advice to tell someone about possible benefits and advise with more negative advice to warn someone about possible dangers:He advised reading the book before seeing the movie. I would recommend against going out on your own.advocate (formal) to support or recommend something publicly: The group does not advocate the use of violence.urge (formal) to recommend something strongly: The situation is dangerous, and the UN is urging caution.patternsto recommend/advise/urge that…It is recommended/advised that…to advise/urge someone to do somethingto strongly recommend/advise/advocate someone/something