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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they affect
    he / she / it affects
    past simple affected
    -ing form affecting
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  1. 1[often passive] affect somebody/something to produce a change in someone or something How will these changes affect us? Your opinion will not affect my decision. The south of the country was worst affected by the drought.
  2. 2[often passive] affect somebody/something (of a disease) to attack someone or a part of the body; to make someone become sick The condition affects one in five women. Rub the ointment into the affected areas.
  3. 3affect somebody [often passive] to make someone have strong feelings of sadness, anger, etc. They were deeply affected by the news of her death. Try not to let his problems affect you too much.
  4. 4affect (to do) something (formal) to pretend to be feeling or thinking something She affected a calmness she did not feel.
  5. 5affect something (formal) (disapproving) to use or wear something that is intended to impress other people synonym put on I wish he wouldn't affect that ridiculous accent.
Which Word?affect / effectaffectverb = “to have an influence on someone or something”:Does television affect children’s behavior?It is not a noun.effectnoun = “result, influence”:Does television have an effect on children’s behavior?effectverb is formal and means “to achieve or produce”:The negotiators hope to effect a reconciliation. Governments have the tools to use to effect change.
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