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  1. 1one more time; on another occasion Could you say it again, please? When will I see you again? This must never happen again. Once again (= as had happened several times before), the train was late. I've told you again and again (= many times) not to do that. I'll have to write it all over again (= again from the beginning).
  2. 2showing that someone or something is in the same place or state that they were in originally He was glad to be home again. She spends two hours a day getting to work and back again. You'll feel well again soon.
  3. 3used to show that a comment or fact is connected with what you have just said And again, we must think of the cost.
  4. 4then/there again used to introduce a fact or an opinion that contrasts with what you have just said We might buy it, but then again, we might not.
  5. 5used when you ask someone to tell you something or repeat something that you think they have told you already What was the name again?
  6. Idioms
    against time
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    if you do something against time, you do it as fast as you can because you do not have much time They're working against time to try and get people out of the rubble alive.
    (every) now and again/then
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    from time to time; occasionally Every now and again she checked to see if he was still asleep.
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