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  1. 1[uncountable] money, food, etc. that is sent to help countries in difficult situations economic/humanitarian/emergency aid An extra $10 million in foreign aid has been promised. aid agencies (= organizations that provide help) medical aid programs Topic CollocationsInternational Relationstrade facilitate/regulate trade (with other countries) form/join a trading bloc live in/compete in a global/the world economy support/promote free trade adopt/call for/oppose protectionist measures erect/impose/reduce/remove trade barriers impose/lift/raise/eliminate import tariffs (on something) have/run a huge/large/growing trade surplus/deficit embrace/resist/drive globalizationpolitics and law handle/talk about/discuss foreign policy pursue an aggressive/a hawkish foreign policy require/use/conduct diplomacy establish/break off/sever/restore diplomatic relations/ties foster/promote/strengthen regional cooperation facilitate/achieve economic/political integration exercise/defend/protect/transfer/restore/regain national/state/full/limited sovereignty consolidate/extend/lose/retain your power (in the region) hold/maintain/change/alter/shift the balance of power (in the region) cause/create/open/expose/heal/repair a deep/growing/major/serious rift between X and Ymeetings and agreements have/hold/host/attend an international conference/an economic forum/a G20 summit lead/launch a new round of global/multilateral/world trade negotiations send/head/lead/meet a high-level/an official/a trade delegation facilitate/begin/start/continue/resume peace talks be committed to/be opposed to/disrupt/undermine/derail/sabotage the peace process negotiate/achieve a lasting political settlement broker/sign a peace deal/agreement/treatyconflict be/constitute/pose a threat to global security compromise/endanger/protect national security justify/be in favor of/support/be against/oppose military intervention threaten/authorize/launch/take/support/oppose unilateral/preemptive military action impose/enforce/lift/end economic sanctions/an arms embargo/a naval blockade close/protect/secure/patrol the border lead/be involved in a peacekeeping operationaid negotiate/announce a $15 billion aid package/an economic stimulus package send/provide/request/cut off military aid bring/provide emergency/humanitarian relief deliver/distribute medical supplies/food supplies fund/run a foreign/a local/an international NGO reduce/eradicate/combat/fight child/global/world poverty see also financial aid, legal aid
  2. 2[uncountable] help that you need to perform a particular task He was breathing only with the aid of a ventilator. This job would be impossible without the aid of a computer.
  3. 3[uncountable] (formal) help that is given to a person One of the staff saw he was in difficulty and came to his aid (= helped him). see also first aid
  4. 4[countable] an object, a machine, etc. that you use to help you do something a hearing aid Photos make useful teaching aids.
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