Definition of air verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary





1 [transitive, intransitive] air (something) to put clothing, etc. in a place that is warm or has plenty of air so that it dries completely and smells fresh; to be left to dry somewhereLeave the towels out to air.


2 [transitive] air something to express your opinions publicly synonym voiceThe weekly meeting enables employees to air their grievances.

radio/TV program

3 [transitive, intransitive] air (something) to broadcast a program on the radio or on television; to be broadcastThe show will be aired next Tuesday night.The program aired last week.

air your dirty laundry/linen in public

(disapproving) to discuss your personal affairs in public, especially something embarrassingair your dirty laundry in publicair your dirty linen in public

air (something) out

to allow fresh air into a room or a building; to be filled with fresh airThe rooms had all been cleaned and aired out.Leave the window open to air the room out.air out