Definition of album noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


1 a book in which you keep photographs, stamps, etc.a photo albuman online album (= a Web site where you can store and view photographs)2 a collection of pieces of music released as a single item, usually on a CD, etc. or on the Internetthe band's latest albuman online album (= an album that you can listen to on the Internet) compare single
Usage noteUsage note: Musiclisteninglisten to/enjoy/love/ (informal) be into music/classical music/jazz/pop/hip-hop, etc.listen to the radio/an MP3 player/a CDput on/play a CD/a song/some musicturn down/up the music/radio/volume/bassgo to a concert/festival/gig/performance/recitalcopy/burn/rip music/a CD/a DVDdownload music/an album/a song/a demo/a videoplayingplay a musical instrument/the piano/percussion/a note/a riff/the melody/a concerto/a duet/by earsing an anthem/a ballad/a solo/an aria/the blues/in a choir/soprano/alto/tenor/bass/out of tunehum a tune/a theme song/a lullabyaccompany a singer/choirstrum a chord/guitarperformingform/start/join/quit/leave a band(informal) get/put a band togethergive a performance/concert/recitaldo a concert/recital/gigplay a concert/gig/festival/venueperform a concert/(live) in concertappear at a festival/livego on/embark on a (world) tourrecordingwrite/compose music/a ballad/a melody/a tune/a song/a theme song/an opera/a symphonyland/get/sign a record dealbe signed to/be dropped by a record companyrecord/release/put out an album/a single/a CDbe on top of/top the chartsget to/go straight to/go straight in at/enter the charts at number one