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  1. 1an amount of money that is given to someone regularly or for a particular purpose an allowance of $20 a day a clothing/living/travel allowance Do you get an allowance for clothing?
  2. 2the amount of something that is allowed in a particular situation a baggage allowance of 50 pounds Roman soldiers received a salt allowance, called salarium, the origin of the word salary.
  3. 3a small amount of money that parents give their children, usually every week or every month
  4. Idioms
    make allowance(s) for something
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    to consider something, for example when you are making a decision or planning something The budget made allowances for inflation. The plan makes no allowance for people working at different rates.
    make allowances (for somebody)
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    to allow someone to behave in a way that you would not usually accept, because of a problem or because there is a special reason You have to make allowances for him because he's tired.
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