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    , NAmE//‑wiz//
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  1. 1at all times; on every occasion There's always somebody at home in the evening. Always lock your car. She always arrives at 7:30. The children always seem to be hungry. We're not always this busy!
  2. 2for a long time; since you can remember This is the way we've always done it. This painting is very good—Ellie always was very good at art (= so it is not very surprising). Did you always want to be an actor?
  3. 3for all future time I'll always love you.
  4. 4if you say a person is always doing something, or something is always happening, you mean that they do it, or it happens, very often, and that this is annoying She's always criticizing me. That phone is always ringing. Why are you always complaining about my cooking?
  5. 5can/could always…, there's always… used to suggest a possible course of action If it doesn't fit, you can always take it back. If he can't help, there's always John.
  6. Idioms as usually happens or is expected synonym usual As always, Polly was late for school.
    once a…, always a…
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    used to say that someone cannot change Once an actor, always an actor.
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