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    amass somethingVerb Forms present simple I / you / we / they amass
    he / she / it amasses
    past simple amassed
    -ing form amassing
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  1. 1to collect something, especially in large quantities synonym accumulate
  2. 2 He amassed a fortune from silver mining. They amassed enough evidence to convict her. Thesauruscollectgather accumulate amassThese words all mean to get more of something over a period of time, or to increase in quantity over a period of time.collect to bring things or information together from different people or places; to gradually increase in amount in a place:We've been collecting data from various sources. Dirt had collected in the corners of the room. People sometimes collect things of a particular type as a hobby:to collect stampsgather to bring things together that have been spread around; to collect information from different sources:I waited while he gathered up his papers. Detectives have spent months gathering evidence.collect or gather?Both collect and gather can be used in the same way to talk about bringing together data, information, or evidence. When talking about things, gather is used with words like things, belongings, or papers when the things are spread around within a short distance. Collect is used for getting examples of something from different people or places that are physically separated.accumulate (somewhat formal) to gradually get more and more of something over a period of time; to gradually increase in number or quantity over a period of time :I seem to have accumulated a lot of books. Debts began to accumulate.amass (somewhat formal) to collect something in large quantities, especially money, debts, or information:He amassed a fortune from silver mining.Patterns to collect/gather/accumulate/amass data/evidence/information to accumulate/amass a fortune/debts dirt/dust/debris collects/accumulates to gradually/slowly collect/gather/accumulate (something)
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