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    , NAmE//ənd//
    , NAmE//n//
    , NAmE//t//
    , NAmE//d//
    , NAmE//ænd//
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  1. 1(used to connect words or parts of sentences)
  2. 2also; in addition to bread and butter a table, two chairs, and a desk Sue and I left early. Do it slowly and carefully. Can he read and write? I cooked lunch. And I made a cake. Some people think it is incorrect to begin a sentence with and. It is used in this way for emphasis, especially in spoken English. When and is used in common phrases connecting two things or people that are closely linked, the determiner is not usually repeated before the second:a knife and forkmy father and mother, buta knife and a spoonmy father and my uncle
  3. 3added to synonym plus1 5 and 5 makes 10. What's 47 and 16? When numbers (but not dates) are spoken, and is used between the hundreds and the figures that follow:2,264—two thousand, two hundred,and sixty-four, but1964—nineteen sixty-four.
  4. 4then; following this She came in and took her coat off.
  5. 5go, come, try, stay, etc. and used before a verb instead of to, to show purpose Go and get me a pen, please. I'll come and see you soon. We stopped and bought some bread. In this structure try can only be used in the infinitive or to tell someone what to do.
  6. 6used to introduce a comment or a question “We talked for hours.” “And what did you decide?”
  7. 7as a result Miss another class and you'll fail.
  8. 8used between repeated words to show that something is repeated or continuing He tried and tried, but without success. The pain got worse and worse.
  9. 9used between repeated words or phrases to show that there are important differences between things or people of the same kind I like city life but there are cities and there are cities. see also and/or
  10. 10used when you want someone to add more details to what they have said “I've decided to quit my job.” “And?” “I want to become a writer.”
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