Definition of angle noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



1 the space between two lines or surfaces that join, measured in degreesa 45° anglethe rocket's angle of descent see also acute angle, adjacent angle, corresponding angles, obtuse angle, right angle, wide-angle lens2 the direction that something is leaning or pointing in when it is not in a vertical or horizontal lineThe tower of Pisa leans at an angle.The plane was coming in at a steep angle.His hair was sticking out from all angles.3 a position from which you look at somethingThe photo was taken from an unusual angle.The painting changes slightly when seen from different angles.4 a particular way of presenting or thinking about a situation, problem, etc.We need a new angle for our next advertising campaign.You can look at the issue from many different angles.The article concentrates on the human angle (= the part that concerns people's emotions) of the story.