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a machine that is designed to do a particular thing in the home, such as preparing food, heating, or cleaning
electrical/household appliancesThey sell a wide range of home appliances—washing machines, dishwashers, and so on.stainless steel kitchen appliances
Usage noteUsage note: objects you can useIt is useful to know some general words to help you describe objects, especially if you do not know the name of a particular object.A device is something that has been designed to do a particular job: Have you seen the new device for cars that warns drivers about traffic jams ahead?A gadget is a small object that does something useful, but is not really necessary: His kitchen is full of gadgets he never uses.An instrument is used especially for delicate or scientific work: A thermometer is an instrument that measures temperature.A tool is something that you use for making and repairing things: A tool for turning screws is called a screwdriver.A machine has moving parts and is used for a particular job. It usually stands on its own: A blender is an electric machine for mixing soft food or liquid.An appliance is a large machine that you use in the house, such as a washing machine.Equipment means all the things you need for a particular activity: rock climbing equipment.Apparatus means all the tools, machines, or equipment that you need for something: firefighters wearing breathing apparatus.
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