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, arisen
1 [intransitive] (somewhat formal) (especially of a problem or a difficult situation) to happen; to start to exist synonym occurA new crisis has arisen.We keep them informed of any changes as they arise.Children should be disciplined when the need arises/should the need arise (= when it is necessary).A storm arose during the night.2 [intransitive] arise (out of/from something) (somewhat formal) to happen as a result of a particular situationinjuries arising out of a road accidentEmotional or mental problems can arise from a physical cause.Are there any questions arising from the minutes of the last meeting?3 [intransitive] (formal) to begin to exist or developSeveral new industries arose in the town.4 [intransitive] (old use or literary) to get out of bed; to stand upHe arose at dawn.5 [intransitive] arise (against someone/something) (old use) to come together to protest about something or to fight for somethingThe peasants arose against their masters.6 [intransitive] (literary) (of a mountain, a tall building, etc.) to become visible gradually as you move toward it
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