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  1. 1(formal) weapons, especially as used by the army, navy, etc. arms and ammunition Police officers in New York usually carry arms. see also firearm, small arms
  2. 2= coat of arms
  3. Idioms
    bear arms (old use)
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    to be a soldier; to fight
    be under arms
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    to have weapons and be ready to fight in a war
    lay down your arms
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    to stop fighting The government called on the terrorists to lay down their arms.
    present arms
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    (of soldiers) to hold a rifle vertical in front of the body as a mark of respect
    take up arms (against somebody)
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    to prepare to fight He encouraged his supporters to take up arms against the state.
    (be) up in arms (about/over something) (informal)
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    (of a group of people) to be very angry about something and ready to protest strongly about it
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