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  1. 1For the special uses of around in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example, come around to something is in the phrasal verb section at come. approximately He arrived around five o'clock. The cost would be somewhere around $1,500.
  2. 2on every side; surrounding someone or something I could hear laughter all around. a yard with a fence all around
  3. 3moving in a circle How do you make the wheels go around?
  4. 4measured in a circle an old tree that was at least ten feet around
  5. 5in or to many places We were all running around trying to get ready in time. This is our new office—Kay will show you around. There were papers lying around all over the floor.
  6. 6used to describe activities that have no real purpose There were several young people sitting around looking bored.
  7. 7present in a place; available There was more money around in those days. I knocked but there was no one around. Digital television has been around for some time now.
  8. 8active and well known in a sport, profession, etc. a new tennis champion who could be around for a long time Madonna has been around since the 1980s.
  9. 9in a circle or curve to face another way or the opposite way She turned the car around and drove off. They looked around when he called. see also about, round
  10. Idioms
    have been around
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    to have gained knowledge and experience of the world
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