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  1. 1[uncountable] the use of the imagination to express ideas or feelings, particularly in painting, drawing, or sculpture modern/contemporary/American art an art critic/historian/lover Can we call television art? stolen works of art Her performance displayed great art. see also clip art, fine art
  2. 2[uncountable] examples of objects such as paintings, drawings, or sculpture an art gallery/exhibition a collection of art and antiques
  3. 3[uncountable] the skill of creating objects such as paintings and drawings, especially when you study it She's good at art and design. an art teacher/student/college/class
  4. 4the arts [plural] art, music, theater, literature, etc. when you think of them as a group private funding for the arts see also performing arts
  5. 5[countable] a type of visual or performing art Dance is a very theatrical art.
  6. 6[countable, usually plural] the subjects you can study at school or college that are not scientific, such as languages, history, or literature an arts degree compare science, liberal arts
  7. 7[countable, uncountable] an ability or a skill that you can develop with training and practice a therapist trained in the art of healing Letter-writing is a lost art. Appearing confident at interviews is quite an art (= somewhat difficult).
  8. Topic CollocationsFine Artscreating art make a work of art/a drawing/a sketch/a sculpture/a statue/an engraving/an etching/a print do an oil painting/a self-portrait/a line drawing/a rough sketch create a work of art/an artwork/paintings and sculptures produce paintings/portraits/oil sketches/his most celebrated work/a series of prints paint a picture/a landscape/a portrait/a mural/in oils/in watercolors/on canvas draw a picture/a portrait/a cartoon/a sketch/a line/a figure/the human form/in charcoal/in ink sketch a preliminary drawing/a figure/a shape/an outline carve a figure/an image/a sculpture/an altarpiece/reliefs/a block of wood sculpt a (portrait) bust/a statue/an abstract figure etch a line/pattern/design/name into the glass mix colors/pigments/paints add/apply thin/thick layers of paint/color/pigment use oil pastels/charcoal/acrylic paint/a can of spray paint work in bronze/ceramics/stone/oils/pastels/watercolors/a wide variety of mediadescribing art paint/depict a female figure/a biblical scene/a pastoral landscape/a domestic interior have/express/depict/illustrate a traditional/mythological/historical/religious theme create an abstract composition/a richly textured surface/a distorted perspective paint dark/rich/flesh tones use broad brush strokes/loose brushwork/vibrant colors/a limited palette/simple geometric forms develop/adopt/paint in a stylized manner/an abstract styleshowing and selling art commission an altarpiece/a bronze bust of somebody/a portrait/a religious work/an artist to paint something frame a painting/a portrait/a piece/an artwork hang art/a picture/a painting/a piece/an artwork display/exhibit modern art/somebody's work/a collection/original artwork/ drawings/sculptures/a piece be displayed/hung in a gallery/museum install/place a sculpture in/at/on something erect/unveil/dedicate a bronze/marble statue hold/host/mount/open/curate/see an exhibition/exhibit be/go on exhibit feature/promote/showcase contemporary works/a conceptual artist collect African art/modern American paintings/Japanese prints restore/preserve great works of art/a frescoIdioms
    get something down to a fine art (informal)
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    to learn to do something well and efficiently I spend so much time traveling that I've got packing down to a fine art.
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