Definition of artificial adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



1 made or produced to copy something natural; not realan artificial limb/flower/sweetener/fertilizerartificial lighting/light2 created by people; not happening naturallyA job interview is a very artificial situation.the artificial barriers of race, class, and gender3 not what it appears to be synonym fakeartificial emotion artificiality
noun [uncountable]
adverbartificially created lakesartificially low prices
Usage noteUsage note: artificialsynthetic fake man-made false faux imitationThese words all describe things that are not real, or not naturally produced or grown.artificial made or produced to copy something natural; not real: artificial flowers artificial lightsynthetic made by combining chemical substances rather than being produced naturally by plants or animals: synthetic drugs shoes made of synthetic materialfake (sometimes disapproving) made to look like something else; not genuine: a fake designer watch a fake beard a fake-fur jacketman-made made by people; not natural: man-made fibers such as nylon a man-made lakefalse (somewhat formal) not natural; not genuine, but made to look real to cheat people: false teeth/eyelashes a suitcase with a false bottomfaux not natural, but made to look or seem real: chairs covered in faux leopard skinimitation [only before noun] made to look like something else; not real: She would never wear imitation pearls.patternsartificial/synthetic/man-made fabrics/fibers/materials/productsartificial/synthetic/fake/faux/imitation fur/leather/diamonds/pearls