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assuming (that)
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used to suppose that something is true so that you can talk about what the results might be Assuming (that) he's still alive, how old would he be now? I hope to go to college next year, assuming that I pass my exams. AWL Collocationsassumeassume verbcommonly, generally erroneously, incorrectly, mistakenly safely implicitly, tacitlyContrary to what is generally assumed by theoretical models, our results demonstrate that… We can safely assume that emissions from developing countries will keep rising as economic activity grows. This approach implicitly assumes that medication use is constant during the assessment reasonable to, be safe to be unreasonable toIt is reasonable to assume that those with a continuous work history should have a higher commitment to the labor market. On the basis of available evidence, it would not be unreasonable to assume that Chinese writing began in the seventeenth century B.C.assumption nounimplicit, underlying validThis implicit assumption is rarely tested. There seem to be some underlying assumptions, but there does not seem to be any evidence.reexamine, test satisfy, validate challenge, question contradict, violateThe first experiment was designed to test the assumptions of these hypotheses. Our findings challenge an important assumption shared by all of the theories we have examined.
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