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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they attract
    he / she / it attracts
    past simple attracted
    -ing form attracting
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  1. 1[usually passive] if you are attracted by something, it interests you and makes you want it; if you are attracted by someone, you like or admire them attract somebody I had always been attracted by the idea of working abroad. attract somebody to somebody/something What first attracted me to her was her sense of humor.
  2. 2attract somebody/something (to something) to make someone or something come somewhere or take part in something The warm damp air attracts a lot of mosquitoes. The exhibition has attracted thousands of visitors.
  3. 3attract something to make people have a particular reaction This proposal has attracted a lot of interest. His comments were bound to attract criticism. She tried to attract the attention of the waiter.
  4. 4(physics) if a magnet or gravity attracts something, it makes it move toward it opposite repel
  5. Idioms
    opposites attract
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    used to say that people who are very different are often attracted to each other
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