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    [only before noun]
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    away from front
  1. 1located behind or at the back of something We were sitting in the back row. back teeth a back room (= one at the back of a building) the back page of a newspaper compare front
  2. from past
  3. 2of or from a past time a back issue of the magazine
  4. owed
  5. 3owed for a time in the past back pay/taxes/rent
  6. phonetics
  7. 4(of a vowel) produced with the back of the tongue in a higher position than the front, for example/ɑ/ in English compare central, front
  8. Idioms
    on the back burner (informal)
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    (of an idea, a plan, etc.) left for the present time, to be done or considered later see also back-burner, on the front burner
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