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    (worse, worst)
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  1. 1not skillfully or not carefully to play/sing badly badly designed/organized opposite well
  2. 2not successfully Things have been going badly. Idid badly (= was not successful) on my exams. opposite well
  3. 3not in an acceptable way to behave/sleep badly badly paid/treated The kids took the dog's death very badly (= they were very unhappy). opposite well
  4. 4in a way that makes people get a bad opinion about something The economic crisis reflects badly on the government's policies. She's only trying to help, so don't think badly of her. opposite well
  5. 5used to emphasize how much you want, need, etc. someone or something The building is badly in need of repair. They wanted to win so badly. I miss her badly.
  6. 6used to emphasize how serious a situation or an event is badly damaged/injured/hurt The country has been badly affected by recession.
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