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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they bag
    he / she / it bags
    past simple bagged
    -ing form bagging
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    put into bags
  1. 1bag something (up) to put something into bags The fruit is washed, sorted, and bagged at the farm.
  2. catch animal
  3. 2bag something (informal) to catch or kill an animal We bagged ten fish in two hours.
  4. claim something
  5. 3bag something (informal) to claim something as yours before someone else claims it; to take something before someone else can get it Sally had managed to bag the two best seats. Quick, bag that table over there!
  6. decide not to do something
  7. 4bag something (informal) to decide not to do something because you think it will not be successful or because you think it will be better to do it later They decided to bag the trip because they were short of cash. Don't use the risk of failure as an excuse to bag the plan. We admitted we were fair-weather climbers and bagged the trip.
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