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1 [transitive, intransitive] to cook food in an oven without extra fat or liquid; to be cooked in this way bake (something)baked applesthe delicious smell of baking bread bake something for someoneI'm baking a birthday cake for Alex. bake someone somethingI'm baking Alex a cake.2 [intransitive, transitive] to become or to make something become hard by heatingThe bricks are left in the kiln to bake. bake something (+ adjective)The sun had baked the ground hard.3 [intransitive] (informal) to be or become very hotWe sat baking in the sun. see also half-baked
Usage noteUsage note: Cookingpreparingprepare a dish/a meal/a menu/dinner/the fishweigh out 4oz of sugar/the ingredientswash/rinse the lettuce/spinachchop/slice/dice the carrots/onions/potatoespeel the carrots/onion/potatoes/garlic/orangegrate a carrot/the cheese/some nutmegremove/discard the bones/seeds/skin/rind/peelblend/combine/mix (together) the flour and water/all the ingredientsbeat/whisk the cream/eggs/egg whitesknead/shape/roll (out) the doughcookingheat the oil in a frying panpreheat/heat the oven/the broilerbring to a boilstir constantly/gently with a wooden spoonreduce the heatsimmer gently for 20 minutes/until reduced by halfmelt the butter/chocolate/cheesedissolve the sugar in waterbrown the meat for 8-10 minutesdrain the pasta/the water from the pot/in a colander/in a strainermash the potatoes/banana/avocadoways of cookingcook food/fish/meat/rice/pasta/a Mexican dishbake (a loaf of) bread/a cake/a pie/potatoes/muffins/cookies/fishboil cabbage/potatoes/an egg/a hot dog/waterfry/deep-fry/stir-fry the chicken/vegetablesbroil meat/steak/chicken/sausagesroast potatoes/peppers/meat/chicken/beefsauté garlic/mushrooms/onions/potatoes/vegetablessteam rice/vegetables/spinach/asparagus/dumplingstoast bread/nutsmicrowave food/popcorn/a frozen dinner/a TV dinnerservingserve in a glass/on a bed of rice/with potatoesarrange the slices on a plate/in layerscarve the meat/chicken/turkeydress/toss a saladdress with/drizzle with olive oil/vinaigrettetop with a slice of lemon/a scoop of ice cream/whipped cream/syrupgarnish with a sprig of parsley/fresh basil leaves/lemon wedges/a slice of lime/a twist of orangesprinkle with salt/sugar/herbs/parsley/freshly ground black pepper
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