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    group of musicians
  1. 1a small group of musicians who play popular music together, often with a singer or singers a rock/jazz band She's a singer with a band. see also boy band, girl band
  2. 2a group of musicians who play brass and percussion instruments a military band see also brass band, marching band, one-man band
  3. group of people
  4. 3a group of people who do something together or who have the same ideas a band of outlaws He persuaded a small band of volunteers to help.
  5. strip of material/color
  6. 4a thin flat strip or circle of any material that is put around things, for example to hold them together or to make them stronger She always ties her hair back in a band. All babies in the hospital have name bands on their wrists. She wore a simple band of gold on her finger. see also armband, hairband, hatband, rubber band, sweatband, waistband
  7. 5a strip of color or material on something that is different from what is around it a white plate with a blue band around the edge
  8. of radio waves
  9. 6(also waveband) a range of radio waves channels in the UHF band
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