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  1. 1a container for holding or carrying things. Baskets are made of thin strips of material that bends and twists easily, for example plastic, wire, or wicker a shopping basket a picnic basket a laundry basket (= in which dirty clothes are put before being washed) a wicker/wire basket a cat basket (= in which a cat sleeps) see also
  2. 2the net and the metal ring it hangs from, high up at each end of a basketball court; a point that is scored by throwing the ball through this net to make/shoot a basket
  3. 3(economics) a number of different goods or currency the value of the dollar against a basket of currencies
  4. Idioms
    put all your eggs in one basket
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    to rely on one particular course of action for success rather than giving yourself several different possibilities I applied for seven jobs. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.
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