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  1. 1a highway that goes around a city More Aboutroadsroads and streets In a town or city, street is the most general word for a road with houses and buildings on one or both sides:a street map of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.Street is not used for roads between towns, but streets in towns are often called Road:Colesberg Street Old Georgetown Road.A road map of a country shows you the major routes between, around, and through towns and cities. Other words used in the names of streets include:Circle, Court, Crescent, Drive, Hill, and Way. Avenue suggests a wide street. A lane is a narrow street. Main Street is used, especially as a name, for the main street of a town, where most stores, banks, etc. are, or used to be before a town got bigger.larger roads The roads that connect towns and cities are called highways, freeways, or interstates (for example State Route 347, Interstate 94). These are large divided roads built so that long-distance traffic could avoid towns. A beltway is built around a city or town to reduce traffic in the center:the D.C. beltway.A bypass passes around a town or city rather than through the center:the Richmond bypass.
  2. 2the Beltway [singular] the political world and social life of Washington, D.C. She had a difficult time adjusting to life inside the Beltway.
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