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  1. 1empty, with nothing written, printed, or recorded on it Sign your name in the blank space below. a blank CD Write on one side of the paper and leave the other side blank. She turned to a blank page in her notebook.
  2. 2(of a wall or screen) empty; with no pictures, marks, or decoration blank, whitewashed walls Suddenly the screen went blank.
  3. 3showing no feeling, understanding, or interest She stared at me with a blank expression on her face. Steve looked blank and said he had no idea what I was talking about. Suddenly my mind went blank (= I could not remember anything).
  4. 4[only before noun] (of negative things) complete and total a blank refusal/denial see also point-blank
    adverb She stared blankly into space, not knowing what to say next.
    noun [uncountable]
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