Definition of blaze verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


1 [intransitive] to burn brightly and stronglyA huge fire was blazing in the fireplace.Within minutes the whole building was blazing.He rushed back into the blazing house.2 [intransitive] to shine brightlyThe sun blazed down from a clear blue sky.The garden blazed with color.3 [intransitive] blaze (with something) (formal) if someone's eyes blaze, they look extremely angryHer eyes were blazing with fury.4 (also blazon) [transitive, usually passive] blaze something (across/all over something) to make news or information widely known by telling people about it in a way they are sure to noticeThe story was blazed all over the daily papers.5 [intransitive] blaze (away) if a gun or someone using a gun blazes, the gun fires continuouslyIn the distance machine guns were blazing.IDIOMS

(with) all/both guns blazing

(informal) with a lot of energy and determinationThe champions came out (with) all guns blazing.all guns blazingwith all guns blazingboth guns blazingwith both guns blazing

blaze a trail

to be the first to do or to discover something that others follow
The department is blazing a trail in the field of laser surgery. compare trailblazerblaze a trail

blaze up

1 to suddenly start burning very strongly2 to suddenly become very angryblaze up