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    (blinder, blindest)
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  1. 1not able to see Doctors think he will go blind. blind and partially sighted people One of her parents is blind.
  2. 2the blind noun [plural] people who are blind recorded books for the blind guide dogs for the blind
  3. 3blind (to something) not noticing or realizing something She is blind to her husband's faults. I must have been blind not to realize the danger we were in.
  4. 4[usually before noun] (of strong feelings) seeming to be unreasonable, and accepted without question; seeming to be out of control blind faith/obedience It was a moment of blind panic.
  5. 5[usually before noun] (of a situation or an event) that cannot be controlled by reason blind chance the blind force of nature
  6. 6that a driver in a car cannot see, or cannot see around a blind driveway a blind spot/corner
    noun [uncountable] total/temporary/partial blindness see also blindly
  8. Idioms
    (as) blind as a bat (humorous)
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    not able to see well She's as blind as a bat without her glasses.
    the blind leading the blind
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    a situation in which people with almost no experience or knowledge give advice to others who also have no experience or knowledge
    love is blind (saying)
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    when you love someone, you cannot see their faults
    turn a blind eye (to something)
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    to pretend not to notice something bad that is happening, so you do not have to do anything about it The authorities were either unaware of the problem or turned a blind eye to it.
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