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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they block
    he / she / it blocks
    past simple blocked
    -ing form blocking
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  1. 1block something to stop something from moving or flowing through a pipe, a passage, a road, etc. by putting something in it or across it After today's heavy snow, many roads are still blocked. a blocked sink
  2. 2block the/someone's way, exit, view, etc. to stop someone from going somewhere or seeing something by standing in front of them or in their way One of the guards moved to block her path. An ugly new building blocked the view from the window. His way was blocked by two large bouncers.
  3. 3block something to prevent something from happening, developing, or making progress The proposed merger has been blocked by the government.
  4. 4block something to stop a ball, blow, etc. from reaching somewhere by moving in front of it His shot was blocked by the goalie.
  5. Phrasal Verbsblock somebody/somethinginblock somethinginblock somethingoffblock somethingoutblock somethingup
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