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  1. 1a long, narrow piece of metal that you slide across the inside of a door or window in order to lock it He slid back the bolt on the door.
  2. 2a piece of metal like a screw without a point that is used with a circle of metal (= a nut ) to fasten things together nuts and bolts
  3. 3bolt of lightning a sudden flash of lightning in the sky, appearing as a line
  4. 4a short heavy arrow shot from a crossbow
  5. 5a long piece of cloth wound in a roll
  6. Idioms
    a bolt from the blue
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    an event or a piece of news that is sudden and unexpected; a complete surprise Her dismissal came as a bolt from the blue.
    make a bolt for something, make a bolt for it
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    to run away very fast, in order to escape
    the nuts and bolts (of something) (informal)
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    the basic practical details of a subject or an activity
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