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    be born
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  1. 1(used only in the passive, without by)
  2. 2(abbreviation b.) to come out of your mother's body at the beginning of your life I was born in 1976. He was born in a small village in northern Spain. She was born with a weak heart. born into something She was born into a very musical family. born to somebody He was born to German parents. + adj. Her brother was born blind (= was blind when he was born). + noun John Wayne was born Marion Michael Morrison (= that was his name at birth). Topic CollocationsThe Ages of Lifechildhood/youth be born (and raised) in New York; into a wealthy/middle-class family have a happy/an unhappy/a tough childhood grow up in a musical family/in an orphanage/on a farm be/grow up an only child (= with no brothers or sisters) reach/hit/enter/go through adolescence/puberty be in your teens/early twenties/mid-twenties/late twenties undergo/experience physical/psychological changes give in to/succumb to/resist peer pressure assert your independence/individualityadulthood leave home graduate from school/college go to work (at the age of 21) get/find a job/partner be/get engaged/married have a wife/husband/mortgage/steady job settle down and have kids/start a family begin/start/launch/build a career (in politics/science/the music industry) prove (to be)/represent/mark/reach a (major) turning point in your life/career reach/be well into/settle into middle age have/suffer/go through a midlife crisis take/consider early retirement approach/announce/enjoy your retirementold age see/spend time with your grandchildren take up/pursue/develop a hobby get/receive/draw/collect/live on a pension approach/save for/die of old age live to a ripe old age reach the grand old age of 102/23 (often humorous) be/become/be getting/be going senile (often humorous) die (peacefully)/pass away in your sleep/after a brief illness
  3. 3(of an idea, an organization, a feeling, etc.) to start to exist the city where the protest movement was born born (out) of something She acted with a courage born (out) of desperation.
  4. 4-born (in compounds) born in the order, way, place, etc. mentioned firstborn nobly-born French-born see also newborn, stillborn
  5. Idioms
    be/be born/be made that way
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    (of a person) to behave or do things in a particular manner because it is part of your character It's not his fault he's so pompous—he was born that way.
    be born to be/do something
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    to have something as your destiny (= what is certain to happen to you) from birth He was born to be a great composer.
    born and bred
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    born and having grown up in a particular place with a particular background and education He was born and bred in Boston. I'm a Chicagoan, born and bred.
    born with a silver spoon in your mouth (saying)
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    having rich parents
    not be born yesterday (informal)
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    used to say that you are not stupid enough to believe what someone is telling you Oh yeah? I wasn't born yesterday, you know.
    there's one born every minute (saying)
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    used to say that someone is very stupid
    (as/as if) to the manner born (formal)
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    as if something is natural for you and you have done it many times in the past She adapted to life on the estate as if to the manner born.
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