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    of tree
  1. 1a part of a tree that grows out from the main stem and on which leaves, flowers, and fruit grow She climbed the tree and hid in the branches.
  2. of company
  3. 2a local office or store belonging to a large company or organization The bank has branches all over the country. Our New York branch is dealing with the problem.
  4. of government
  5. 3a part of a government or other large organization that deals with one particular aspect of its work synonym department the antiterrorist branch
  6. of knowledge
  7. 4a division of an area of knowledge or a group of languages the branch of computer science known as “artificial intelligence”
  8. of river/road
  9. 5a smaller or less important part of a river, road, railroad, etc. that leads away from the main part a branch of the Mississippi a branch line (= a small line off a main railroad, often in country areas)
  10. of family
  11. 6a group of members of a family who all have the same ancestors My uncle's branch of the family emigrated to Canada.
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