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    (braver, bravest)
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  1. 1(of a person) willing to do things that are difficult, dangerous, or painful; not afraid synonym courageous brave men and women Be brave! I wasn't brave enough to tell her what I thought of her.
  2. 2(of an action) requiring or showing courage a brave decision She died after a brave fight against cancer. He felt homesick, but made a brave attempt to appear cheerful.
  3. 3brave new (sometimes ironic) new in an impressive way a vision of a brave new America
  5. NAmE//ˈbreɪvəri//
    noun [uncountable] synonym courage an award for outstanding bravery acts of skill and bravery
  6. Idioms
    (a) brave new world
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    a situation or society that changes in a way that is meant to improve people's lives but is often a source of extra problems the brave new world of technology
    put on a brave face, put a brave face on something
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    to pretend that you feel confident and happy when you do not I had to put on a brave face and try to show him that I wasn't worried. She put a brave face on her illness.
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