Definition of bust verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


(informal)1 bust something to break somethingI busted my camera.The lights are busted.Come out, or I'll bust the door down!2 bust someone/something (for something) (of the police) to suddenly enter a place and search it, or arrest someoneHe was busted for drugs.3 bust someone to make someone lower in military rank as a punishment synonym demote4 -busting (in compound adjectives) used to show that something is being prevented or stoppeda crime-busting superheroIDIOMS

bust someone's chops

(informal)1 to hit someone hard in the jawIf you call me that again, I’ll bust your chops.2 to criticize or annoy someone in a way that is not seriousMy dad sometimes busts my chops about not working hard enough.bust chops

bust a gut

(also bust your gut)(informal)1 to laugh very hardThe movie was so funny I busted my gut laughing.2 to put a lot of effort into somethingWe busted a gut trying to fix the car, but it just wouldn’t move.I busted a gut to get you out of this mess!bust a gut

… or bust

(informal) used to say that you will try very hard to get somewhere or achieve somethingFor him it's the Olympics or bust.or bust

bust out

(informal)1 to escape from a place such as a prisonHe busted out of reform school at 16.2 to begin doing something suddenly bust doing somethingWe busted out laughing at his silly joke.bust out

bust up

(informal of a couple, friends, partners, etc.) to have an argument and separate synonym break upThey busted up after five years of marriage. related noun bust-upbust up

bust something up

(informal) to make something end by disturbing or ruining it synonym break something upIt was his drinking that busted up his marriage.bust up