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  1. 1campaign (against/for something) a series of planned activities that are intended to achieve a particular social, commercial, or political aim to conduct a campaign a campaign against ageism in the workplace the campaign for congressional reform an antismoking campaign Today police launched (= began)a campaign to reduce traffic accidents. an advertising campaign an election campaign the president's campaign team/manager Topic CollocationsVoting in Electionsrunning for election conduct/hold an election/a referendum run for office/election/governor/mayor/president/the White House enter/run in/withdraw from the primary/Senate/gubernatorial race represent the Democrats/the Republican Party hold/contest a local/mid-term/primary/national election launch/run a presidential (election) campaign support/back a candidate sway/convince/persuade voters/the electorate appeal to/attract/woo/target/pander to swing voters fix/rig/steal an election/the votevoting go to/be turned away from a polling place/station cast a/your vote/ballot (for somebody) vote for the Republican candidate/the Democratic ticket mark/spoil your ballot paper count the early/absentee ballots go to/be defeated at the ballot box get/win/receive/lose votes get/win (60% of) the popular/black/Hispanic/Latino vote win power/the election/the primary/a senate seat/a majority lose an election/the vote/your majority/your seat win/come to power in a landslide (victory) (= with many more votes than any other party) elect/reelect somebody (as) mayor/president/congressman/congresswoman/a Senator/a Representativetaking power be sworn into office/in as president take/administer the oath of office give/deliver the inaugural address take/enter/hold/leave office appoint somebody (as) ambassador/governor/minister/a federal judge/a Supreme Court justice form a government/a cabinet serve two terms as president/in office ⇨ more collocations at economy, politics
  2. 2a series of attacks and battles that are intended to achieve a particular military aim during a war the North African campaign Air battles had dominated the campaign. a bombing campaign
  3. Thesauruscampaignbattle struggle drive war fightThese are all words for an effort made to achieve or prevent something.campaign a series of planned activities that are intended to achieve a particular social, commercial, or political aim:the campaign for health care reform an advertising campaignbattle a competition or argument between people or groups of people trying to win power or control:She finally won her legal battle. the endless battle between man and naturestruggle a competition or argument between people or groups of people trying to win power or control:the struggle for independence the struggle between good and evilbattle or struggle?These words are very similar and in many cases you can use either word. However, battle often refers to a shorter, more direct fight. A struggle may be a longer fight against powerful forces instead of individuals or one particular problem:the battle for the Republican nomination her long struggle for recognitiondrive an organized effort by a group of people to achieve something:the drive for success a drive to reduce energy consumption a major fund drivecampaign or drive?A campaign is usually an attempt to get other people to do something, that takes place over a period of time; a drive may be a shorter or more local effort. A campaign may be larger, more formal, and more organized than a drive.war [sing.] an effort over a long period of time to get rid of or stop something bad:the war against povertyfight [sing.] the work of trying to stop or prevent something bad or achieve something good; an act of competing, especially in a sport:Workers won their fight for better benefits and higher pay.war or fight?A war is about stopping things, like drugs and crime, that everyone agrees are bad. A fight can be about achieving justice for yourself.Patterns a campaign/battle/struggle/drive/war/fight against something a campaign/battle/struggle/drive/fight for something a one-man/one-woman/personal campaign/battle/struggle/war a bitter campaign/battle/struggle/drive/war/fight to launch/embark on a campaign/battle/drive to lead/continue the campaign/battle/struggle/drive/fight to win/lose a battle/struggle/war/fight
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