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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they cap
    he / she / it caps
    past simple capped
    -ing form capping
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    cover top
  1. 1[usually passive] cap something (with something) to cover the top or end of something with something mountains capped with snow snow-capped mountains
  2. limit money
  3. 2[often passive] cap something to limit the amount of money that can be charged for something or spent on something The company has capped travel expenses.
  4. tooth
  5. 3[usually passive] cap something to put an artificial covering on a tooth to make it look more attractive He's had his front teeth capped. synonym crown
  6. Idioms
    to cap/top it all (off) (informal)
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    used to introduce the final piece of information that is worse than the other bad things that you have just mentioned And then, to cap it all, it started to rain!
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