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    , NAmE//ˈkæʒəl//
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    not formal
  1. 1not formal casual clothes (= comfortable clothes that you choose to wear in your free time) family parties and other casual occasions
  2. without care/attention
  3. 2[usually before noun] not showing much care or thought; seeming not to be worried; not wanting to show that something is important to you a casual manner It was just a casual remark—I wasn't really serious. He tried to sound casual, but I knew he was worried. They have a casual attitude toward safety (= they don't care enough).
  4. 3[usually before noun] without paying attention to detail a casual glance It's obvious even to the casual observer.
  5. relationship
  6. 4[usually before noun] without deep affection a casual acquaintance a casual friendship to have casual sex (= to have sex without having a steady relationship with that partner)
  7. by chance
  8. 5[only before noun] happening by chance; doing something by chance a casual encounter/meeting a casual passerby The exhibition is interesting to both the enthusiast and the casual visitor. The disease is not spread by casual contact.
  9. work
  10. 6[usually before noun] not permanent; not done regularly; not doing something regularly casual workers/labor Students sometimes do casual work in the tourist business. They are employed on a casual basis (= they do not have a permanent job with the company).
    adverb “What did he say about me?” she asked as casually as she could. They chatted casually on the phone. dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt
    noun [uncountable] He was sure that the casualness of the gesture was deliberate.
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